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JCW insurance help please

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Hi everyone, hoping for some advice on where to proceed with insurance issues..

I already own a MINI Cooper r50, my son wants this car now and i said he could have it when i find a Cooper S.
Anyway, i've put a deposit down on a 2005 R53 JCW210 , all the correct parts and a certificate of authenticity to prove. This is a dealer fit upgrade, done 2 years after the car was first registered.

The sticking point is the fact that it comes up as a standard Cooper S on Hastings database, no amount of explaining to them seems to get past that point. The guy on the phone eventually came back saying i need to get DVLA to change the database to show it as a JCW.

I know other JCW owners have had similar issues, thing is i already have 2 cars insured with Hastings with mirrored NCB, If i go to a more understanding insurer, then i probably won't be able to use that NCB.

I don't know how easy it would be to get DVLA to change the database, need to be able to sort it out by Friday 18th January, as thats when i'm picking the car up.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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It probably needs to be declared as a modification tuning kit.

Just declare the changes between a normal Cooper S to the JCW or check the dealer paperwork to see what got added.

If you already have the number of years NCB then it should be transferable to any new insurance company, as along as you can proof it.

Any car modified insurance company should be able to sort this out easily enough for you.

Some car modified insurance company doesn't charge extra until power goes above 400bhp.
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Yes, i think i may have to ring around a few specialist insurers to see what they can do.

Its just hugely frustrating that my usual insurer is so inflexible about it, didn't have much faith in the guy i spoke to from Hastings as he kept referring to it as a John Cooper S !

Interesting that of the 3 Cooper S JCW models i've checked on the database from their reg no.s (cars up for sale) , they all show as a standard Cooper S.

Can anybody recommend any decent insurers? i've currently got Adrian Flux, greenlight insurance and Keith Michaels to try.

I don't think standard car insurance company deal with modified cars very well at all.

There's a comparison website "quotezone" that gets 3 or so companies to call you back with a quote.

Currenly I'm with "Advance Insurance Ltd", not the cheapest or greatest around but I don't pay extras for any mods I do. Just need to declare it and don't go over 400bhp.

Paying just over £300ish.

Another company quoted me £200ish for similar quote but I had already paid the 1st company.

Wait for at least 3 quotes before deciding, which I didn't do.
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All sorted, spoke to Footman James, Adrian Flux and a couple of others, all of whom understood what a JCW was and quoted accordingly.

Went with Adrian Flux in the end, just under £400, more than in usually pay but i'm happy its resolved.

Now i can get on with enjoying the car!
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