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I was intrested in buying the JCW model seats but would like to know how much they cost?
I found out those seats are Sparco Milano 3 prestige seats.
Also available on
and on usual sparco site.
I'd like to know if one of you guys got em and how much you paid em'.
Leather black and blue and also non leather.

///M Power
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not yet... but I will have in about six weeks when I collect my new MCS :D .... They are costing me about £1100 fitted, but I'm getting them along with the JCW 18" wheels and aerokit, so the dealer gave me a reasonable price.... or at least I think he did ;)

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hi there,

I'm sorry to say that we closed a group buy for the seats just over a couple of weeks ago, mine come tomorrow as I wanted half leather, but all the other guys have got there's fitted and installed.

have a flick through these two threads, don't know if they'll be of that much use to you, but I hope so!!

this was our group buy,

This was offered by Charger Pete!

Hopefully there will be some info in these to help you along, pics, prices, fitting, colour/fabric alternatives etc.



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