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Hello, big race fan and Mini autocrosser wants to know if the john cooper challenge races are available on dvd or vhs in a U.S. format (region 1, I believe). Thanks for your help!
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On the 'official' front the 2003 / 2004 season was available by pre-order on VHS - But probably PAL only format - You should probably enquire with the producers 'HayFisher' or directly with John Cooper Works in the UK

On an unofficial basis because it is broadcast on Satellite most programs find there way to DVD in way of 'storage' for personal use :) - Of course these can't be sold due to copyright issues

I'm sure sooner or later they will find there way into the 'open market' either officially or unofficially - meanwhile if you are desperate the HayFisher / JCW route is your best bet

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