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Joined the club!

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So I did it... I joined the convertable club...

My .sig below is that of my 2003 mini cooper; loved that car... I was at the dealership having them replace a cracked windscreen last week and there it was... a 2005 mini cooper convertable sitting on the showroom for purchase. Yeah it was silver/black with leatherette (I would rather have green/green cordoba) but it has all the option groups I wanted -- 1, 2, 3, xenons, stick and chrome...

Incredible item -- the trade-in on my 2003 with 21,000 miles had it suffer only about 20%. When I bought my 1998 Dodge Ram pickup, it suffered 20% depreciation in its first 20 miles!

I was back up to the dealership yesterday for the iPod adapter installer and drove home for the first time with the top down. Wow... 50F degrees out and with the seat warmers and heater on, I noticed nothing beyond cold thumbs. And driving down 128 towards Boston, I looked up and ...

... the 2003 mini taught me the enjoyment of driving ...

... I think this 2005 is about to teach me the enjoyment of motoring ...

Ian Poulin
Somerville Ma.

btw -- As always, the entire Peabody crew was phenominal; from Hrach in Sales to Gary in service to Dianne the business manager, to Martin the owner. Thanks guys -- I think my trips into the White Mountains are about to be alot more enjoyable!
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Congrats, I joined the convertible club three weeks ago, I ride with the top down if the sun i out, I don't care about the cold. I went to the dealer to order one and low and behold they had a few on the lot available, I fell in love with the show room car, in black of all things... and I thought I never wanted black... with the stripes and cordoba beige seats, it looks great.
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