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judder on take-off..DMF... surely theres a swap-in SMF option by now?

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so yeah, after 143,000 miles, the clutch is finally on the cards for a replacement. Already sorted engine mounts, the judder is getting progressively worse, and given the age and how long I've managed to keep it going with some extra power, it's time.,

But where do i go? Ideally I get a full increased power pressure plate, pucked sprung clutch and single mass lighter flywheel. The OEM options are all DMF (heavy for this engine and expensive), and there only seems be a valeo OEM-quality SMF kit for the R50/53 and not for the R56 family.

My question is around options and costs. I don't have a lot of money, so i need to be efficient in getting the best compromise for my car while also not spending so much.

CG motorsport do a SMF with clutch and pressure plate for about £700, is this a good option? how else can I change the flywheel without getting another boring and painfully lazy DMF?
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