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Just how much do you love your Mini?

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I found this story on this morning...

Woman Seriously Hurt Trying to Stop Car Thieves

By Pat Hurst, PA

A woman broke her back in two places after clinging to the boot of her Mini-Cooper during a car-jacking, police said today.

The 32-year-old victim fell from the car as she desperately tried to stop the thieves taking her vehicle in Liverpool city centre.

She now faces months of hospital treatment for back injuries, broken fingers and bruising.

The victim had been sitting in the car when a man opened the boot, took out a bag and threw it on the floor.

As she got out, the man jumped into the £14,000 car and started to drive away.

The woman clung to the boot of the car before being thrown clear as the raider sped off.

The thief stopped a short distance away and two other men jumped in.

The silver-grey mini was later found abandoned.

Detective constable Mark Scarrat, of Merseyside Police, said: “This lady acted instinctively, and while we wouldn’t suggest anyone should try to stop thieves stealing their cars, what she did is completely understandable.

“This is an extremely serious offence, and this lady will be in hospital for a long time to recover.

“We are determined to find those responsible.”

Police have appealed for witnesses.

The first man is said to be in his late teens or early 20s, white and of thin build.

The other two men are described as white and wearing dark hooded tops.

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Heard that on the radio last night, not nice at all, hope they get well soon.

This is the reason why the cars lock themselves though, and why I lock mine when I sit still even if I'm not in traffic, stops this sort of event coming around. What a world we live in.

Don't the doors stay locked until you need to get out? Maybe she had not got up to the 12mph to activate the locks. Its not good to hear about this sort of thing. I was saved by central locking in a road rage attack a few years my own back in court.
They auto lock, then auto unlock when you switch off again. (On more recent MINIs it's standard (in most countries), this is an option on earlier MINIs).
If someone wants it badly enough to injure or kill you, themselves, or someone else, let them have it. It's a beautiful car, but it is just a car.
And keep your doors locked all the time. Times have changed and you should automatically lock them when you get in and when you get out. I even lock mine when I'm standing next to the car pumping gas.
Like shades on your windows at night, a car with closed and locked doors and closed windows is just alittle less attractive to the scum.
I hope the lady recovers fully and isn't completely paranoid the rest of her life.
OK Paul. Thanks. I'm picking my MCS up next week from elms. I understand thats who you have used? I seem to remember from the demo car that you had to pull the handle twice to get out. Time will tell.
Got my Cooper there, but not my S. Shopping around. :)

If you turn the key they unlock, if not, you can "double pull" to unlock. It's all optional though, if you're not happy with how it comes as standard, I'm sure the nice people at Elms can help out with changing the options, it's a pretty short and simple job.
That's the very reason why MINI needs a self-destruction code-puncher on the key fob, or at least a tuner-market version. Some lob jacks your MINI, let 'em have it. Punch on the five-digit code on your pad. The MINI explodes after five seconds of sensing an active ignition. Hell, let's put this on all cars.

OK...just being silly. I would never advocate this type of destruction. Innocent MINIs in the vicinity might be damaged as well...

So, then, who's for steel spikes coming up through the front seats???! :confused:
I like a fob button that stops the car and starts a gas (non lethal :D ) inside the cabin to put the crooks to sleep until the authorities can get there.

I did hear of an anti-theft device where if the window got broken, a razor would come down within the window frame and slice someone's hand off. Too bad we live in a litigious society (at least in the US).

Gr8Dain said:
I did hear of an anti-theft device where if the window got broken, a razor would come down within the window frame and slice someone's hand off. Too bad we live in a litigious society (at least in the US).


Yes, I heard of that too! I think it was from a SE Asian country, but don't quote me on that. There was a list of newly legalized anti-theft devices. Car bomb was one of them as well. WOW! I read that a few years ago too. Good that someone else has because then I might think I am going fully insane. :p
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