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hi all,
Got my first Mini about a month ago. A 2010 jcw r56 with 100k but only 60k on motor. Got from a friend that inherited it and the day my truck died he happened to offer one of his cars to me cheap. Now the clutch is gone. Have to get her up to 4500-5000 to make it move so I am not driving it while I search for where to get it fixed around here, Boston. Not my doing, I grew up on sticks although I swore off them decades ago. Boston traffic, 'nuff said. I hate that new NHTSA mandated safety feature that all standards have since I stopped driving them. You know the one. The one that makes the brake lights on the car in front of you go on every time you upshift. Must be Bluetooth. The car is really clean and was well kept. He took the run flats off to improve the ride and I am glad about that. His dad put a honking giant carbon fiber hood scoop on but those are the only mods other than replacing the blown engine with a new one. I ride motor scooters a lot and am pres of the local club and this car is as close as one can get to feeling like you are on a scooter. Even makes me want to split lanes, .
More personally, I am a SAGAFTRA member actress, tennis player, rock musician, co director of a film festival and a few other things. I live in Somerville so the closer the recommendation for a
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