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Just viewed the car (US) at the dealer!

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WOW, I was really impressed!! The car looks fantastic in person. I just came back from my local BMW dealer (Richmond, VA) where they had a silver/black non-US spec Cooper on display. The rep was not around when I dropped by so I was limited in the question dept :(

First things first:
1) I was told the Xenons lights are NOT going to delay the Cooper or Cooper S, will be available almost immediately. They looked and worked great on the demo car.
2) For those that want the CVT automatic (not me), that might be delayed a few months

It had the panoramic sunroof, 16" wheels, MFW wheel, auto air conditioning, Park Distance Control, Xenon headlamps, black leather.

I couldn't tell if the seats were sport seats or not, but they seemed too flat to be sport seats. They felt fairly comfortable, but not great. The seat controls were okay, but take some getting used to. I was told changes would be made before the production cars arrive. Also the hood latch is located on the passenger side by the door hinge :confused: :confused: very strange but okay whatever works. The rest of the interior is GREAT!!! The materials used in the interior are just fine....they don't look least not to me. The gauges are wonderful, although I thought the speedo might be tilted a little more towards the driver but they were still pretty easy to read.

The whole is visually very stunning (duh) and looked great in silver/black with the sunroof. Very classic combo.

Didn't get a ride or a chance to drive it but the gearbox felt very solid with nice throws (not nearly as short as the S2000 though). The doors also felt very strong and not even close to "tinny" or wimpy. The overall build quality was excellent even though this car has already been through a lot (it had some paint chips, etc)

The motor was very quiet but had a pleasing sound to it as I heard the salesman drive it to the back for a few minutes :D

My dealer will have 3 demos by March 18: 2 Coopers and 1 Cooper S. Can't wait to drive 'em!!!
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Why is it so unusual to have the 'hood' release in the passenger footwell, every car I can think of that I've had to release the boot for has had it about that area.

hood release

Probably cost$ too much to relocate it from the right hand drive cars... Inconvenient but I'll live with it. :)
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