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Kds? Wtf?

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OK, so Gloria goes in for her first TLC service and they tell me they're going to have to replace the steering column, which is a known fault. This is covered under warranty so no worries there. They then tell me that it needs a "KDS" - which if I understood it correctly is wheel and suspension alignment. Now, I understand why that isn't covered under warranty as anything from a pot hole to a speed ramp can knock the alignment, but £135 - £180 ex VAT :eek: Any one else got any thoughts on this?
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:red: :red: :)

If you are having a new steering column or any thing connected with it fitted under warranty, you will require a KDS alignment and you should NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY ANYTHING.
I recently had a new sreering rack changed under warranty and the dealer did the KDS in the warranty cover.
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