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Hi all, new to the Forum, had my 2004 MCS for a year now and already dealt with a number of the common probs. This one in comparison is minor but frustrating.

The overhead clock display disappeared. After an online search I was pointed at the third 5A fuse down on the left in the footwell fuse box. Sure enough, blown. But the second I put a new one in, it blew. I then took the clock out of the ceiling, appeared Ok, but replaced with one off ebay. Again, second I put a 5A fuse into the slot - it blew.

I then unplugged the clock and used my last 5A fuse - same result. I then took out all the 5A fuses one by one, and none of them have blown.

Even more puzzling, I cannot see a symbol for the clock against this fuse, but according to the fuse diagram, the elec mirrors and windows share the same fuse - and they still work even with no fuse in place?

Is it definately that fuse? I cannot see another one on the diagram.:puzzled:

Thoughts/ideas welcome!
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