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Hi there sorry if this is the wrong thread (please move me to the correct thread if you want) but I am having an issue with the mini one (2006). I bought it the other day, everything works great and I love it but the key seems to only work manually (i.e. putting it into the door myself and turning to lock / unlock) I have tried to find info on how to set the key to work with the buttons to lock and unlock etc but there are too many to chose from and I don't want to break the key and also some of the advice is for a key that has LOCK and UNLOCK buttons but my key only has one Unlock (padlock symbol) button and a boot symbol button. Can someone advise on how to solve this issue, the key has been in the ignition so shouldn't be dead. I have uploaded a picture of the key so you know what I am talking about,

Cheers guys..::smile::>:D:kiss:


1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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