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Lady Owner - Think I’ve been ripped off 🤔

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Hi sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong topic, I’m just looking for a little advice really.

I’ve been changed £273 to replace the handbrake cable on my 2007 Mini Cooper Convertible.

I was initially quoted £217 but one of the bolts had seized up and took longer to remove so the final price has been £273 which I’ve paid.

This seems excessive and I admit I know squat about cars so I’m just looking for some friendly reassurance that I’ve not been overcharged and the cost is reasonable.
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would say around £60 of that would ne VAT tax, £210ish would be without vat, if were main dealer using main dealer cable ie £70 or more they tend to charge around £100 per hour ,, normal cable on a ramp would take me around 45 minutes all done on the outside,, but then comes the if something is rusted in and wont come apart,, lost count the amount of cars where something wont come undone and takes a lot of extra time to get apart ,, then its is it cheaper to spend time trying to remove something or just tear it out and make it good balance
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