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Lancashire MINI Register*** LMR***

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The Lancashire MINI Register can now be found...

@.....Northern MINI.CO.UK

Next LMR run
Sunday 12th April "Easter Sunday", starting from Blackpool, then up to Arnside in Cumbria, across to the Lancashire Pennines and home..

See thread for more details Easter Lancashire Run

Approx 80miles

For more info.. LMR Coastal Easter run
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hi steve,

sham and i have tried a few times to get us lot interacting more but not much has come of it,

so i'm deffo up for it, and probably sham too, who suggested a once monthly sunday morning run,

maybe you could arrange a pub meet just to start the ball rolling and see how it goes from there,

good luck matee, and count me in,

Het.... (cleveleys)
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cheers for letting me know about woodvale, i saw it advertised a few months ago, then forgot that date, ill be there on sunday too...

boo hoo....
e/blue and chequers owners club...... sounds like my lovely and much missed "S"

enjoy the run everybody, may just pop down and have a nosy... ill decide on the morning..


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hey stevi boy......

now that i'm back.... yay!! (getting a Cooper at 4pm toady) re mapped and ready to go!!

can you put my back on the list... a'hem and i'd like my original place of no4 please!!! lmao

cheers buddy......
hi ben...

well i'm getting a Jet Black Cooper.....

i've already had her/him (not decided what gender yet) re-mapped,

Seems to have made a nice little difference too and i'm going have the same checkered side graffix i had on my "S" put on it.... and deffo some other mods but not decided what yet....

so open to ideas if any1 has any!!

how's the Duper??
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Arrrggg what is it with mini's round here went for a blat round this afternoon must of flashed at least 7 mini's not 1 response never mind great seeing their confused faces thinking what the hell is he flashing at:nice:, hello to all the new members and bring on the 2nd of April when the new zorst will be fitted getting fed up of the chav racer at the mo, nice sig James, looks like i'll be on my own this year for the lakes run the misses can't get that weekend off.
get used to it mate... the Shamster and I have bin flashing round these parts for years now and they just don't get it!!

but hey ho... we keep on tryin:D
well i'l give u a flash if i c u... what u drivin?? and u got a private plate??

i'l be back on my usuall one in a week or 2... K15 HET on a Black Cooper
02 Electric blue cooper S no private plate (as yet) heres a pic
she looke lovely......

do you live/work roung the blackpool area??:rolleyes:
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ah i c...

god it's dead on here tonight... looks like it's jus you and me...
*** notice***

if any 1's interested, i can put you in touch with a mate who will re-mapp your MINI at a discounted price...


i've seen her, and she's beautiful!?!?!?!!!!!

(mr. m's new MINI)

she's lovely ste.... post some pic's soon yeh!!
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a run down to Alton Towers obviously when the weather gets better maybe through the week so it won't be as busy as the weekends, not been for years anyone fancy it??

great idea, :biggrin:
Is good - covered in salt and other road yuck, as been down to Oxford this weekend. Was great as all the traffic was going in the opposite direction to us, on both journeys, but was sleeting pretty heavily coming back through Warwickshire on the way back today :(
you've got an outbreak of Road rash!!!:(
i've had my checkers done today guys, i'll post some pictures when i've done them,

i'm really pleased with the result and want to share!!
Hi Het

Bet ur all excited eh? but still no news on mine, at least they are spending some time on it, here's hoping it'll be as good as new...........

Are you up for a meet at Guys on the 20th?

yup, ill be there mate....
Hope I'll be able to make it on 20th, may even be in the MINI if it's fixed.:D
oh no, a poorly MINI... hope he/she's better soon:D
dunno where any of them are mate, i thought your original suggestion of Guys was pretty good, it's central and most ppl know where it is....
hi steve, bet ur glad to finally have her back, and fingers crossed it's permanent this time,

the charity sunday gig sounds good too....
hi mark....

you deffinately get a minimum 3 month warranty with ALL cars bought from any car dealer.. it's a legal requirement it has to cover all mecanical parts... you shouldn't have to part with any money due to the nature of the failure!!!
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