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Lancashire MINI Register*** LMR***

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The Lancashire MINI Register can now be found...

@.....Northern MINI.CO.UK

Next LMR run
Sunday 12th April "Easter Sunday", starting from Blackpool, then up to Arnside in Cumbria, across to the Lancashire Pennines and home..

See thread for more details Easter Lancashire Run

Approx 80miles

For more info.. LMR Coastal Easter run
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Great Matt

yeh im game for this too, be fun to meet up every now and then, like illumination cruise etc, haha!

Matt, mini one, cleveleys!
Spread the word, if you know anyone

Great Stuff

hi steve,

sham and i have tried a few times to get us lot interacting more but not much has come of it,

so i'm deffo up for it, and probably sham too, who suggested a once monthly sunday morning run,

maybe you could arrange a pub meet just to start the ball rolling and see how it goes from there,

good luck matee, and count me in,

Het.... (cleveleys)
Thanks for Joining, and will you contact Sham and confirm he's interested. Yes I've seen the treads, even if its only once a month at least its a start.

BTW theres something on at Woodvale @ Southport this weekend and i've heard the mini stunt team will be doing a display, with vintage & classic shows see link..


Myself and the Jolly Roger will be going on Sunday early doors.

Thanks again
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Welcome M8

I'm in Anchorsholme.

Great stuff, your on the list.

Update Saturday 4th Aug

Steve mac
We'll have to be there in 2008

cheers for letting me know about woodvale, i saw it advertised a few months ago, then forgot that date, ill be there on sunday too...

I dont know if you realised, almost anything that was collectable was there, I'll be asking why is'nt also included, we must make an effort in 2008.

Brilliant day those remote controlled aircraft were awsome.


Count me in .... did someone mention the pub :D

Just looking for a photo of my mini....:droptop:
Hi Anne
Thanx for joining

Looks nice and shiny there

Yippee...easy when you know how eh

This was taken in the showroom, before I ever drove it bless
Only joking, it looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha Ha

Its still just need to look under the muck....

Now wheres that man gone...the one who comes to wash my car ?
Probably on the prom selling hotdogs.....LOL
Welcome James

here's my r56 lightning blue cooper s :smile:
Nice MCS, your on the list

That date has not been set in stone yet, so dont set it as confirmed.

Your in

Cheers Steve i knew they had one every year was just wondering as the kids have been driving me mad to go:hmph:, so when you guy's doing a run/meet will jib up if you don't mind as an part time member:wink: seeing i'm form Bolton.
Hi Blackadder

As your from Bolton, you can join...


2007 Illuminations Run

Its on again.... go to

Woodmans 2007 Illuminations run, and this time its in aid of the RNLI
Blackpool Illumination run

*****************Stop press********************

>>>Blackpool Invasion, Illuminations run Sunday 14th October<<<<

>>>2007 Illuminations Run thurs 1st Nov<<<
In aid of the RNLI & Blackpool Air Ambulance

>>Click<< on links events for more Info and register
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Blackpool Illumination run

Gr8 to see so many at last Sunday's event although not as planned, lets hope the Woodmans lights run is as good as last years, and dont forget the charities we are collecting for, small donation on the night.....


New 2 mini2 and wanna join club, I'll be there
Hi Undertaker

You're in, What is your Mini, colour etc

Steve Mac
Lancashire New Mini Register

i might be a bit daft, but don't we already have a North West thread? Lots of members in there, so another one even though aimed purely at Lancashire is a little pointless?

The Lancashire New Mini Register, is to see how many Mini2ers there are in the "Lancashire" area, the offshoot of this is that we can get together, for meets or just fun. I myself have met a good number of new friends through this and I know that others have done also, without having to go to Liverpool or Manchester ....

With due respect but your NW Mini's Pub meets & Banter are for all Mini2ers in the NW, If read the under our title it asks for anyone in the Lancashire area, not Cheshire, Liverpool or Manchester.

Steve Mac

Im definately in. From darwen.

Welcome mate, The numbers are getting higher

LNMR 015

See you next thursday at Woody's if you can make it.

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Welcome 3rd Pillar

1 more..

BLACKBURN, bout and Lancashire as you can get. Well it still is near me....
Great stuff!!!

Born and bred in the Pool myself, 3rd Pillar LNMR 016

Will you be at the Illuminations run next thursday?

Steve Mac
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