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Lancashire MINI Register*** LMR***

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The Lancashire MINI Register can now be found...

@.....Northern MINI.CO.UK

Next LMR run
Sunday 12th April "Easter Sunday", starting from Blackpool, then up to Arnside in Cumbria, across to the Lancashire Pennines and home..

See thread for more details Easter Lancashire Run

Approx 80miles

For more info.. LMR Coastal Easter run
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Count me in .... did someone mention the pub :D

Just looking for a photo of my mini....:droptop:
GGGrrrr .... I need to have 5 posts before I can post a picture....
Well I gess this must be post number 5 :)

So here goes, I hope its just a case of a quick copy & paste...or I may need an outside host ?

Here goes anyway !

Yippee...easy when you know how eh

This was taken in the showroom, before I ever drove it bless
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Its still just need to look under the muck....

Now wheres that man gone...the one who comes to wash my car ?
here's the pic of Anne (she'll kill me for this?) :eek::eek::eek: if I'm lucky she won't see this ....


JWT ... Your a naughty boy ..... My office Now !!! :aargh: thats an awful picture....

Please post one of the nice pictures ...:smile: and you will be forgiven
1 - 6 of 1054 Posts
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