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Lohen's Clubman gets slammed!
At first glance it may appear tame, but don't be fooled: our Gen2 Cooper D Clubman is quietly undergoing a transformation from workhorse to thoroughbred. There were a few raised eyebrows when a diesel (yes, you read that correctly, d-i-e-s-e-l) joined the Lohen line-up but it's captured plenty of positive attention and is fast becoming a strong development tool. Not only does it venture into the mileage-happy, economic world of tractor fuel, it also offers a chance to see what will work in terms of the Clubman model. And with reporting in March that every 5th MINI coming off the production line was this new shape vehicle, it seems it's a shrewd move on Lohen's part.

We've taken elements from styling and performance to really better the original car. You'll now find a Brembo Big Brake kit, Team Dynamics Equinox Wheels in matt black with Toyo Proxes T1-R Tyres, the car has been lowered on Eibach Springs, and has Ultra Silvatec Front Indicator Bulbs and an Alta 4" Super short radio antenna to improve looks. Check out the gallery pictures here: - Track & Fast Road Performance for your New Mini - Gallery

However, we're certainly not stopping there! Other development and mods are in the pipeline and we look forward to launching some new products for the Clubman very soon!

A spring in our step at Eibach's Open Day!
The Clubman and Polar Bear (our Gen2 Cooper S) had a trip over to Eibach's Open Day this month. Eibach takes the opportunity to invite local customers and members of the public to view what their dealers can do with the products. Lohen thoroughly enjoyed the day, which was a relaxed affair and enabled us to speak to people about ideas for their MINIs. Keep your eyes peeled for other upcoming events Lohen is attending.

Lohen approved as M7 dealers
We're delighted to announce Lohen has been approved as dealers for M7! American manufacturer M7 is always striving to create innovative new products for your MINI, with every item a stride ahead and a step beyond the norm. We're working on our stock requirements but are able to get hold of many products: if you visit M7: Vision. Passion. Drive. and see something you like, contact the team at Lohen and we'll be happy to guide you through (01785 859999 or [email protected]). The product list will be in our online shop soon.

We stock more brands than you can shake a stick at!
Always keen to stay at the top of our game, we're working to detail the many brands you can now get hold of through Lohen. If you follow this link: you'll see just how wide-ranging our brands now are. And on the back of an extremely successful Milltek group buy through, there's plenty of potential to get great deals. Why not visit our Brands page and see if something tickles your fancy? The team is happy to help wherever possible: give us a call with any questions you may have on 01785 859999.

New Product this month: Alta Gauge Pod (Gen2)
The Alta Gauge pod gives great visiblity for between 1-3 gauges next to the rev counter, and makes good use of the original casing by attaching just behind it. Available on its own or with gauges of your choice, we can fit this also if you require. A single rev counter is needed. Gauge pods are priced individually at £60 and come with an adaptor to suit 52mm or 60mm gauges. You can find it online here: - Track & Fast Road Performance for your New Mini - Online Shop

Featured Product this month: Janspeed Manifold options
The Janspeed manifold is one of the best available for the new MINI, with a choice of a removable high-flow sports catalyst (cat) or de-cat pipe. The system uses a 4-1 downpipe design with increased diameter bore. The fitting of a manifold noticeably increases power and helps to improve mid-range power and torque. As the cat/de-cat section is removable it's easy to change between high-flow cat or de-cat pipe. The de-cat pipe is for off-road/track use only as MINI's legally have to run a cat for road use. Image shows a Janspeed manifold with high-flow cat.

The standard manifold on the MINI is fairly restrictive and acts as a bottle neck for exhaust gases, this is one of the first parts that needs to be changed in order to increase power further.

We're pleased to now offer this product with the de-cat pipe or with the high-flow cat option and, whilst prices obviously differ depending on the system, you now have the flexibility to choose what suits you best. Further technical detail and links to the online shop are found here: - Track & Fast Road Performance for your New Mini - Online Shop

If you have any questions about anything displayed here you can email us at [email protected] or why not phone us on 01785 859999.

Until next time...
The Team at Lohen
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