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Leaking Beads on 2 of my Run Flats!

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Hello Everyone!

I had the Run Flat Monitor constantly lighting up and I was constantly checking the air in the tires. Eventually I caught the first tire at 1800 miles which I had to have remounted for $15. I wasn't so lucky with the second tire at 2600 miles (just last week). That went totally flat and was irreparable, costing me $140. Pirelli pro-rated the tire at 50%, else it would have been closer to $250.

What is really upsetting is the fact that the Mini Owner's Manual states that the car can be driven for 155 miles; my tire didn't even last 30 miles. I'm concerned now about whether the other two tires were properly mounted, too.

I'm hoping to speak with the Factory rep the next time he visits the dealer about getting a re-imbursement and having the other two tires checked for correct mounting.

Have any of you had similar problems? If so, I was advised by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to file a VOQ
(Vehicle Owner Questionnaire), being as detailed as possible of tire brand, size, and model with your make, model, year and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle. You can file a VOQ directly on line at:

When enough problems are reported (via VOQ), NHTSA will investigate.

Also, if you have had such problems, I'd appreciate your acknowledgment, so when I speak with the Factory Rep, I'll have more support for my problem.

Many thanks.
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I had a runflat indicator light last night after 2500 miles.

Pressure was 2.5 on 3 tyres and 2 on the passenger rear.

I topped it up and reset the indicator, will be checking them again tonight.

Hope it's just a "glitch" :mad: Don't fancy a £140 bill for a new tyre.
Ive had two incidences where Ive needed to use the runflat technology.

The first was the day I had the 17" R90s fitted with the Euforias. Went straight out to a drive day, only to realise the tyre hadnt been seated correctly on the rim (left rear). Went flat almost instantly. I drove all the way out to our lunch stop (probably 30kms or so) and changed back onto a 16" rim. I'm told the tyre was destroyed in that distance. I was given a replacement at no cost through the MINI dealer.

The second was on a long weekend drive day - we had our tyres let down, all of us with runflats drove a few k's up the road to refill the tyres. No dramas.

You might want to contact GOGADGET if he doesnt spot the thread - I believe he drove from Canberra to Sydney on a flat not so long ago (couple of hundred k's).
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