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Lighter / power socket goes off with the engine.

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Hi all -

On my car (2008 R55 clubman) the lighter / accessory socket goes dead when you stop the engine, which I find annoying.

I have a DAB radio adaptor which is powered by the lighter socket, that goes dead when the engine is stopped and the radio itself can only be powered with the ignition on.

So when I'm sat waiting for my other half in the car the only way I can listen to the radio is to leave the ignition switched on, and if I want to listen to DAB (which is most of the time) then the engine has to be running as well.
I'm wondering if anyone has worked out an easy way of having the radio and the accessory socket powered up without having to have the ignition switched on ?

Or how difficult would it be, wiring wise, to add a second socket that's powered straight from a battery live without having to send a wire through the bulkhead to the battery itself ? Is there a suitable fuse or connection available inside the car ?

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It is all designed to prevent battery drain, even the radio goes off after a couple of minutes when ignition is off. It is also monitored by the canbus/battery management so you may get a fault code if it detects unusual battery drain when off. having said that, there is an always on 12v supply to the rear view mirror (for remote control) although putting a socket up there might look odd. I don't know of any other 'always on' supply in the cabin so yes, would need to route to the battery which is no big deal.
Thanks Scudder.

Mirror supply is a no-no I think. Will have to think again about this.
I can live with the ignition on and the engine not running for a few mins so long as it's not doing any harm to the car, but that way it's FM only on the audio, and I listen to 6 music most of the time (DAB only)
Directly powering a second lighter socket straight from the battery would work to power my DAB adaptor but would mean battery drain when the car is stood unless a timer switch off is added. (do-able but awkward) However since the DAB adaptor is connected through the standard car audio AUX input you need both the dab AND the standard radio switched on at the same time to hear the audio. Problem is I don't like powering more electrics than I need to when the engine isn't running and I don't like running the engine simply to power the car radio for 10 - 20 mins.

Seems like I'm going to have to live with the problem for now.

Plus point is it's an extra incentive to get my 1966 VW beetle back on the road so I can just wire it up the way I want and not how somebody else decides it should be.

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Try PIN 1 on the X15 connector in the footwell. You may have to google more to locate it exactly.
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