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Hi all,

Quick question about my 2007 R56 MCS:

The cigarette lighter socket luminous ring has been broken since I bought the car a few months ago, so it’s just loose. After trying to trace a water leak in the left rear corner of the car I broke the luminous ring on the socket in the back while taking away the lining. Having both sockets broken now, I ordered two new rings, which turn out to be the same part #. I have a question about the ring in the front:

I can’t seem to find any trace of a light bulb/led connection. I did some research and found out that not all socket luminous rings have a light attached. So before taking the center console apart to see if it might have dropped down, maybe someone on this forum can please help me out:

Is there a light attached to the luminous ring on the 2007 R56 MCS? It’s the model where the socket is on the center console just in front of the two cup holders.

Thanks very much, looking forward to any answers!
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