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That can only mean one thing - (or a few things actually)! Dirty, sloppy mud, lots of puddles, and brave the cold! We need horrible weather the night before :eek: :p

And a prize for the driver of the MINI voted dirtiest at the end of the run. But you have to have a clean MINI at the start!

Event Judge
Lady Alison of Derek Woodman MINI. :D

Run Info (to be updated as we go along):

Chitchat and photos: 9.15am onwards.

(Please register with Alison as soon as you arrive. Please note that run notes will be given to you when you register).

Brief walkthrough of run - 10.25am-ish
Start time: 10.30am-ish from Welcome to Derek Woodman authorised MINI dealership

Lunchstop - Barton Grange Garden Centre - The Riverside Café

Finish - Welcome to Derek Woodman authorised MINI dealership

The route - about 70 miles of some of the finest twisty roads in Lancashire.
Recommended - Sat Nav
Recommended - Walkie-talkies (tune to channel 6)

Some things to be aware of:

Don't get to Derek Woodman before 9.15 as the gates will be shut.
Fuel is available at the big Tesco on the other side of the M55 roundabout.
This will not be as nippy as usual - instead we will be focussing on dirt and puddles :p
The event will include some classic twisties from LL1 together with some new roads.

As always conditions of joining the event include:

Showing respect to ALL roadusers including horseriders, cyclists and pedestrians:
Driving within both your own and the cars limits.
Driving safely and particularly through built up areas where there may be children or the elderly.
Having fun. :)

Oh - I didn't mention cake - to help Alison celebrate her birthday we will be having cake again so don't be late :D!!

Dirrty contenders:

  1. Shamster (not contending).
  2. Killerbyte + Scrogg + Lesley
  3. Woody's Cooper
  4. Iain5984
  5. Hetcooper
  6. JWT
  7. Jeep2Mini
  8. Lolitsnorman
  9. Goonerij
  10. Cookster
  11. NickyJ & Derek
  12. Hat
  13. futureal33
  14. futureal33+1
  15. Dazhall
  16. Chillidave
  17. Pobsey
  18. Wincakes + BP
  19. [email protected]'s & Steve
  20. Popey
  21. Lordy
  22. BigLove
  23. Toffee
  24. Blackadder+3
  25. MCooke999
  26. Will69176
  27. DazGP330
  28. Deano
  29. minicabrio
  30. humph
  31. minisoopercooper
  32. T50 Fun+1
  33. richards+2
  34. doggonwheels
  35. MiniMinor
  36. all_electric
  37. Sparky
  38. Webbo
  39. LiverpoolJCW

Northerner in t'south
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I'll be back in a mini by then so quite fancy this.
Not done a run for 5 years so a bit out practice!!

Lord of The Four Rings
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Good to see some interest - this is a run with a difference of course which is why I've picked the middle of a Northern winter for it :p.
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