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I drive an imported Toyota FJ Cruiser and am a mod on the FJ Forum so whilst a newbie here in all terms I am familiar with forum life, and the help members share. I’ve had a look at a few threads as I am looking to purchase a Clubman but have a very limited budget which might leave me looking at possible issues and big maintenance items so need all the guidance I can get

Back story on the purchase is I sold my daily drive back in Jan and have been driving the FJ since, great fun but bad on the wallet at 20mpg so I need another car without a drink problem! As a bit of a petrolhead I just can’t bring myself to own another boring little car and have always liked the Mini. As I have a dog to accommodate the Clubman works for now I have to find one for a budget of around £4k and to decide on diesel or petrol, pros and cons for me for both, petrol would give me ‘common fuel’ with the FJ (4litre V6) but diesel is cheaper to run but not sure if it is cheaper to maintain?
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