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Hi fellow Mini Enthusiasts,

I am looking at lots of info about minis lately so I can make a smart purchase for a new used car for the wifey
I am looking for tips and what to look for.

I am in Melbourne Australia, so i think we get the European versions here.. since the North Americans are opposite drive,.

I have been given good info but am slightly lost on a few things.
hope to get clarity here.

to start, I am looking for a Cooper S Auto (have been told to try and buy a 2010+ model
One I am kind of interested in has a build date of JAN 2010, and I am trying to figure if this is a GEN2-I or a GEN2-II

I was told to try and find one thats made after 2010. I am assuming this is GEN 2 II (not Gen 2 I)
I was told to ensure to get N18 engine not N14! (i have seen photos and writeups showing the N18 is much better.

my problem is seeing many websites discussing the GEN2 I and GEN2 II and I am confused on correct manufacture dates and main differences.

same goes for whats the easiest way to know when looking at a used car if it's a GEN 2 I or GEN 2 II

Thanks for reading
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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