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There are quite a few threads on this but here goes with the most common faults all around your mileage or slightly higher.

Non turbo cars :-
Timing chain - treat this like a timing belt and change 50-60K miles (or it will eat your valves and piston heads)
Coolant thermostat housing - can start leaking around this mileage.
Coolant pump - same deal.
Vacuum hose from valve cover can split.
Clutch release bearing/clutch anytime from now onwards depending on how it has been driven but could last over 100K miles if good.
Rear anti roll bar bushes, every 25K+ (small job) they cause knocking from rear over bumps.
Front cranlshaft oil seal can begin to leak - evidence of oil on left (as you face car) facing of engine below crank hub.

Turbo cars :-
As above plus various small oil leaks from turbo feed, oil cooler/filter housing.

Now, don't spill your coffee and run for the hills, some of the above may have been addressed already but be aware what to look for, ask about the history/maintenance. That age and mileage is prime for jobs to begin to start popping up. Change the oil every 6-8K miles and not the BMW 15K miles they recommend. Base your price on having to deal with some of the above soon if not already done and get friendly with a mechanic or relative with a garage and tools! DIY is the way to deal with a MINI unless you have a small money tree.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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