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So I had a steering rack replaced a few weeks ago due to power fluid leak, all fine after the remanufactured rack was installed. Driving around a week or so later I noticed noises coming from the steering if I were backing up and turning, or just lock-to-lock turning. I finally got time to raise the car and as soon as I pop-off my front driver side wheel, I noticed the nut on the tie rod loose (passenger side is tight, I checked). I hand tightened the nut, took to the dealer and the tech just tightened it down some more and gave the rack a once-over. I didn't seem him using a torque to spec it, but I test drove it after and the steering is noticeably tighter (normal feeling).

My question is, with the nut loose and driving it around unnoticed for about a 1200 miles, what do I have to worry about ? Do I need another alignment? Could it have caused strain on the rack/rods?

I'll monitor the nut in another week to see if it's worked its way loose or not, the passenger side wasn't loose at the time. Although, I'm beginning to hear some noises coming from the passenger side...

Next dealer appt is weeks away....
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