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Long time lurker, first time poster - these forums have been a great help to me with eliminating issues, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with this...

I'm on my third R56 Mini now, and the latest one has been nothing but trouble since practically the day I bought it :(

It's a 2010 MCS with a N14 engine. I won't bore you with the past issues, but at the moment I'm having problems which have surfaced in the last month or so...

1. Car is not firing up as normal - previously it would fire within 1 or 2 cranks, but now it takes three or four to start whether it's hot or cold.

2. No power in 1st at low revs making a swift take off of any kind almost impossible.

3. Low response between 2 - 3k revs - much better over 3k revs, but there is some hesitation there.

4. Intermittenly get a fluttering on the revs at idle - but this is very intermittent, doesn't do it every journey.

The coil packs and plugs were changed last year, and I've only done a few thousand miles on them. I've changed the Vanos solenoid and had a tiny bit of improvement.

I took the car to Lohen (as they're just round the corner from me) to have it de-coked. Made some improvement, but not much. They reckon it might be the turbo, but want it in for diagnostics along with an open ended cheque for labour... I've already thrown about £1.5k at this car and I've not even had it 12 months yet!!!

I've had the turbo pipes off, and there is a tiny bit of play in the shaft, but you'd expect that at 60k miles, it's not going to be like new.

Worst thing is I can't get the EML to come on, because that would be a great help at narrowing down what the issue is.

Any suggestions as to what I could check or what the issue is?

I've got a C110+ code reader to get live data, but I don't know what the "normal" readings are for a lot of things sadly.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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