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I want to start to say Hi! to all of you guy ;)
My GF is a proud owner of a brand new mini cooper 2004( automatic transmission). After a week we decide to install an aftermaket 2-way alarm&starter (compustar). The day after the installation, the EP ligth appear in the guage for an hour then dissappear. After that coincidence, the car suddenly loss torque, the acceleration is not as quick as before and the brake pedal is ''looser'' then before also. So, we decide to bring the car to the dealer to solve the problem. After the check-up an test drove the car, they say it probably cause by the installation of the alarm&starter. But, unfortunaly they can't solve the problems. :(
My GF and I are so sad rigth now. So, anybody of you guy have the same problems like us. :confused:
Any advice and any help are appreciated.
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