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Lots of codes

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Came up on dash with engine light, plugged in with hand diagnostic tool. Came up with p0036 h02s heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 2. Went to garage to get it done, but when plugged into their diagnostic machine came up with about 10 - 12 codes. Been told there is something more sinister making all these codes come up ? Anyone had this before???? the car really struggled starting in the morning, it's a 1 .5 cooper diesel 14 plate
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would need to know all the codes to even begin to work out whats going on, as its a diesel and if its a n47 diesel then common are timing chain stretched around 70-100k not many get past 100k without slipping or snapping and destroying the engine,, cheap to catch it before it ie £1800ish bill to do timing chain as its on rear of engine gearbox out job massive job, or if snaps 4k bill,, i have also heard of the 3 cylinder diesels having similar problems but early days at mo as very new design engines still on warranty.
also other common issues are dpf filter and egr valves failures also glow plug relay that fails and then stops the ecu from regen the dpf filter and its clogs up £1000 to replace it and reset it etc,
would need to know what all the codes are to start working out and also the engine type
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Ok thx, not sounding to good thou?wouldn't think this would happen on a normal 1.5 diesel bmw would you. It's a 1.5 3 cylinder diesel but has got 92000 on the clock
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