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Loud noise when accerlerating hard?

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Hi, has anybody experienced a really deep noise coming from the exhaust of their cooper/cooper s when accerlerating hard. A couple of weeks ago, there was a clunk from the front end of the car, and since then it sounds like I have got a sports exhaust on the car!!

Any ideas?? :confused: :indi:
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sounds like possibly part of the exhaust has moved & you've got a leak somewhere in the system, or possibly something has come up off the road & punched a hole in it. i'd get it checked out either with your dealer or a local exhaust repair place
yeah free custom exhaust!...keep it don't fix.

Just kidding.. :p
Solution to noise - hopefully!

I took the mini to the dealers (twice!!) and they think that it is not the exhaust, it is actually the air box that has come loose. Hopefully when they fit a new one on Monday, the noise will disappear - heres hoping - then I can get back to driving my beloved car as normal again :D :indi:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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