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Lovely Cooper S

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Hello Chaps,
I'm new to this mini2 Lark,
I drive one occasionally for work and was thinking about buying one just want to get a couple of opinions from you chaps
What do we think?
I found this on this new website - motorbid,co,uk
Not a bad site either, it's new and free to sell stuff to do with cars.

Hope to hear a good response.


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Bidding on MCS....

Good Afternoon.

Firstly, I do have a British Racing Greem MCS with front Spotlights and all the gadgets, but when I want to seel it, I will indeed make sure it is CLEAN!!!
I would also be keen to show off the inside of the car and block my number plate, until I was sure that someone was interested.

It is a great car, but I would find out more about the one you are looking at, contact the owner if you can, find out all you can.

As for the MCS, it is a fantastic car, and one that I would find very difficult to give up.... :green:
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