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Low engine oil pressure

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Good morning
I have a Mini Cooper 2007 16 automatic, bought the car in January 2020 for my wires a first car,

on test drive everything seemed ok however after a few days we noticed that theengine oil warning light was coming on when driving for around half hour, this only comes on whenyou come to a stop or at low idle ?

I have done some work in the engine, firstI popped in a digital gauge to get a good oil pressure reading, 30 psi on start up when cold,as the car warms up I pressure starts to drop and after 10 mins it is down to 8 psi but does flick between 8 and 0. Then the light comes on.

so I removed the oil pump and found itwas badly damage. When I look a bit deeper it appears that the timing chain had failedon the passed and been replaced.
Didn’t do a proper job as debris from the failure were still in the sump.
I get a new oil pump, full timing chain kit, oil filter housing unit and replaced everything.

mean the car to test thinking all would be fine but I still have the same oil pressure problem. Makes 30 psi on cold start up but then drops to between 8 - 0 psi. And that’s with a digital Parker gauge piped in where the oil pressure switch lives

anyone go any point to look at as I’m at lose now
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hi i istanbul I live in turkey mini cooper r56 n18 JCW car with I have the same problem in my car I have it I'm looking around me oil pump and I'll try tomorrow pump, I changed and got the solenoid on let's tool I düzelecekm what happened to your vehicle
have your vehicle recovered



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Check to see if your new oil filter has the core spring. If not that can cause low oil pressure light at low idle.Or stop. Needs the spring in the center of the filter cartridge to create and maintain proper oil pressure. Some get thrown out, by accident when replacing the oil filter.
I hope it is that simple. But without the spring. It could cause engine failure.
Hope this helps
The spring causes a back pressure. So a pressure gauge at the oil press. Sender will not see it
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