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Low oil pressure, last gasp

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Hello fellow wariors
I need aLL THE ADVICE I can get ....I like others have posted aboutv low oil pres at idle in my 100,000KM r56 s.....I am apparently the 4th owner of this luvable nightmare...To the point I have $18,000 in repairs in 18 months...the top end was rebuilt 1 mtnth ago + new turbo ..etc....the oil pres problem is getting worse and a engine out rebuild is TOTALLY out of the question and all indicators say that a bearing is gonna spin any day then as some of us know the first thing to go due to oil starvation is rod bearings ...I have ordered "KING std rod bearings, will be here tues next, I intend to drop the oil pan and "slip fit new bearing into the rods ....CAN ANYONE advise what problems I may encounter?...I intend to put the car on 4 stands (outside) disconect the exhaust and drop the pan...(without going into service mode)...I understand 1 pan bolt will be a problem (need to use a wrench rather than socket)...I have tried to research the rod bolts (are they stretch to yield or not,..all indicators say no),,,The rod bolt nuts are 12 point WHAT SIZE...WHAT TORQUE?..what best way to turn the crank to access each rod cap best?...I think this undertaking requires titanium balls "testicles " anjd a whole lot of planning and Pre knowledge....If you have experience with any of this ...from exh disconnect to pan removal or anything else I may encounter PLEASE share your experience and solutions
Thank you Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Mini
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