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Magnex Exhaust

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I am very close to buying a Magnex exaust. I have looked around the internet and everyone seems to think quite highly of them. Just wndering if anyone has had any dealing or issues with their products.

Another thing I am trying to get straight is I have heard differing opinions on the standered system. 1 saying its very well disigned and difficult to improve on and the other saying its a pile of expleteives can someone please set me straight.


ps sorry bout the spelling.
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Micron / Magnex

I have seen the Magnex factory - it is a very professional set-up.

FYI - Aston Martin use this company for their O/E exhausts -need I say more? Used on DB-7 and Vanquish.

I didn't know they were doing an exhaust for MINI - got details?
Hope this answers your questions:

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monsta said:
Hope this answers your questions:

I am impressed Monsta,where did you dig that up from then?
I don't get it ! I read the article on the exhaust system from autofashion and they said it was very restriced but they found it hard to improve on!

All I want to know is whether this Magnex exhaust will improve or worsen the performance of the car.

For those interested the Magnex Exhaust system is Part NO. XFBM15 it retails at £274.99 and has a 3 inch tailpipe - Sorry no pics as yet but depending on what you guys say I may be able to post some pics of My car with it.

Cheers for the pics Monsta
As you can see here the airflow takes a torturous route to freedom within the standard exhaust traveling the length of the box three times.

The last turn is shrouded by the box itself allowing a very small gap only - its amazing that the car runs at all!

The insides of this box do explain why the standard car is so quiet.

Many must be looking forward to the extra power available from a free flowing exhaust - wrong. The first few items we tried on the car were free flowing but gave less power!! Only after extensive testing have we been able to provide gains at all.
Taken from the autofashion site.

It seems that they tried freeflow ones but they were crap but in the end the did manage to engineer a decent power improving system.

I reckon you might want to ask Magnex if they have any figures..
Any ideas of prices or power improvements yet, zoooooom??

monsta said:
Any ideas of prices or power improvements yet, zoooooom??

Just waiting to hear back on the price,Unfortunately did not get the car on the rolling road but it certainly felt ok and was not noisey inside the car,I thought it felt quicker,mid-range but that could be because it sounded better.
without the rolling road figures its hard to judge.:)
That looks quite nice... any more pics? I like the dimples in the edge, should look nice. Is quite different as well, like the standard exhaust.

How big is it? Who makes it? Is it the magnex jobby? How much is it? How many more questions can I ask?


Where's that exhaust from then?? It looks pretty cool.
How much :confused: :confused:
the exhaust is in production as we speak and should be available next week final price has not been confirmed but will keep you in touch.

HKS induction kits are available and soon K&N kits also
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