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Making a MINI

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Does anyone know what the typical/nominal duration is to make a MINI? I'm looking for the time from when the order hits their computer and they start welding metal to form the chassis until the little beauty completes its test run.

My apologies if this has already been discussed, but I could not find anything after searching around the forums/threads.
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Dr. Bob--I'm sorry to see you haven't had a reply. It's not that everyone's ignoring you, more like nobody really knows and every week that goes by it gets harder to predict. Six weeks was thought to be a good number not too long ago, but it now seems like 7-8 weeks is more like it. The great MINI rollout has had a few glitches. I've been very happy with my dealer but much less so with BMW. Some MINIs got to the US within 2 weeks of their build date only to sit for 3 weeks at the processing center for retrofitting of parts, "quality control issues." Some people got to within a week of their build date only to have colors & options delayed, or the schedule revised. I accepted a pre-spec S on 4/14 scheduled for production on 4/19, delivery end of May for a mid-June driving vacation. Today, 2 weeks later, its status hasn't changed on the MINIUSA "Owners Lounge" - another triumph of BMW Customer (lip)Service. The next freighter for Charleston leaves this Sunday 5/5, the next won't be until 5/19. So even if my MINI is finished on Monday it gets to sit around for 2 weeks on the docks. I'm glad it's coming, but it's been equal amounts of frustration and anticipation so far.

If you've got one ordered, checking with your dealer is the most reliable way of checking progess once the production phase is underway. Just don't make my mistake and plan anything around it. If you haven't ordered yet and don't mind the wait, put it off until early October and let a little of the dust settle, and some of the confusion die down.
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How Long to Actually Put One Together??


Thanks for the kind words. I see that I've not made my question clear. What I'm after is how long it take the typical MINI to make it through the UK factory. It's been too long since my Cub/Boy Scout days of visiting the old Ford factory in Milpitas, CA to remember what their fab time was. I'm of the impression that is only takes a few days from start to finish, but don't know for sure and am curious. Anybody have a handle on this??
Sorry Dr. Bob - I can't supply you with an answer either.

However, I do like your spec - my Cooper is at the VPC in Jersey:

Cooper, BRG/white/white, Sport Package, MFSW, OBC, Black Kaleido Cloth, Chrome line bumpers
Re: How Long to Actually Put One Together??

Dr. Bob said:
... What I'm after is how long it take the typical MINI to make it through the UK factory...
Have you read the excellent article Paul Mullett wrote on his tour of the whole MINI assembly process? Complete with lots of pictures? :)

From the article: “The total time taken to protect and paint the bodyshell is 10 hours.” Following that, the rest of the MINI is assembled. I didn’t see where the total production time was stated, but my guess is a further 6 hours to put all the subassemblies onto the shell completing the car.

So my guess is 16 hours total. :)
Dr. Bob--I found out about an hour after my earlier post that my S was "released for distribution" today, exactly 2 weeks after the "scheduled for production" date. I'm a little surprised, like you mentioned I thought production took no more than a day or so. The determining factor used to be how long it took for the paint to dry on the sheet metal, the rest was just a matter of putting all the loose parts together. I once picked up a load of 3 new John Deere tractors and had to wait until noon for one of them to be finished. I asked when assembly had started, the man said "around 8 this morning!"
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