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Mass airflow sensor

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After collecting my car from a exhaust gas recirculation safety recall I'm getting a MAF fault P0101. Reset it using code reader but it comes back after a short while. I now have found air leaking from a 10mm open screw boss. Can anyone tell me what is missing from this pic.
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On process of checking the egr cooler , TEMPERATURE SENSOR AFTER EGR COOLER is removed and then a scope it’s entered through the hole to inspect the cooler . The technician has forgotten the sensor out and he didn’t put it back ! Take it back to the dealer and it will blow a lot of HOTTTT air and might start melting few plastics around
Yes you're right, I took it back after I screwed a 10mm bolt in to stop the engine management fault coming back on. Can believe that I didn't notice the sensor dangling there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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