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Guess you'll see me often in here soon... I'm reading up on as many posts as I can!

Here's the specs (the option sets are a little different from the US MINIs):

Mini Cooper
Exterior: British Racing Green
Interior: Octagon Panther Black

ITS Airbags (extra airbags front & rear)
Multi functional Steering Wheel
Chrome Line Interior
Chrome Line Exterior
Alu rims 16" (5-spoke) w/run-flats
Roof and Mirrors white
Velvet carpets (? was in the Pepper package)
Alloy-Patina interior
"Opbergpakket" (dutch), option with extra hideaway places, such as the Euro parcel shelf and refrigerated glove box
Fog Lights front & rear
Climate Control
Cockpit Chrono Pack
Interior Lighting Pack
H/K Audio

There we are :) I know the chrono pack is a little bit shady but I'm dead set on having oil pressure and temp meters in the car at a fair price. They're invaluable for when the car gets older (and we plan on keeping it till it dies on us :) ). After I broke in the car and hit something like 10.000km I'll be fiddling around with the software for some extra power.

Total price is about €21.563 (we brokered a 7% discount), delivery by end of February (long wait, but I'll live..). Can't wait though!

What do you think?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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