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MCS Brake kit - where to buy?

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Anyone knows where to buy new or used brake kit for 2005 mcs?Looking to upgrade my brake kit. Hope someone can direct me. cheers.
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The stock brakes on the 1st Gen Cooper and Cooper S models are the same.
I went for after market with DBA's and Ferodo's and did them myself (well the ex did them I watched :p ) I am very happy with them. A few of the guys on here have done the JCW brake upgrade and have been happy too - just depends what your after and how much you want to spend.

Mine has pretty much the same set up as Karens.
The do the job fine for my driving style( or relative lack of ).
Just make sure your sitting down when they tell how much the backs are compared to the fronts. Great Odins raven!
HM, i'm looking to spend around $600 - $ 800 for ugrading my brake. Where should i go to get those brake kit? wrecker, BMW dealer? Never done any mods before so i'm pretty new to this. Newbie. lol
I got the rotors from Autobarn and the pads from a place in Canberra.
I think it cost me about $1k but that was a while ago - I am sure it would be cheaper now.
But it didnt cost anything to fit......

Whats the price of the JCW brake kit?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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