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MCS ordered delivery May 05

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Hi guys its done deposit paid and delivery as above. Can`t wait!! wooohhooooo

Liquid Yellow
Leather GRAVITY Black
- 17" S-Spoke Alloy
- 3 Spoke Spts Lea St Wheel
- Air Conditioning Auto
- Front Foglights
- Interior Light Package
- Pass. Seat Height Adj.
- Radio BOOST
- Storage Compartment Pack
- Trip Computer
- Velour Floor Mats
- Xenon Headlights & Wash

6 Disc CD Boot Changer
Automatic Stability Control
Black Bonnet Stripes
Central Rev. Counter
Chrome-Line Exterior
Chrome-Line Interior
Elec Fold Exterior Mirrors
Front Seat Heating
Head Airbags-Front & Rear
Heated Mirrors/Washerjets
ISOFIX Child Seat System
Park Distance Control
Rain Sensor
Remote Control Alarm
Roof&Mirror Caps in Black
Single CD Player
Smoker Package
Sports Seats
Sports suspension PLUS
Visibility Pack

Well there you have it. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO
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Excellent, pretty much fully loaded! Now the waiting begins!

Thats the worst bit!!!
Why are you waiting until May 05? Surely thats not the waiting list for a MCS is it?
If we ordered next week then it would be JULY!!! Our dealer has been allocted another 8 slots on the production line as they sold their original quota.
I was talking to my dealer who seems to always have a very good allocation and they don't have cars until next May now. My situation is rather strange in that I am getting mine via BMW customer service (have been offered a large discount on my new S for the problems I've had with my Cooper) which in theory should have meant a quick delivery lead time, however, even through that route (ordered the car in Sept) its going to be late December.


What discount did you get off your MCS?
It works out as follows:

I am trading my car in for a guaranteed £10,500. My Cooper is 2 years old today and has about 31k on the clock, by the time December comes I will have done another couple of thousand miles, as of tomorrow I will commute from Congleton to Liverpool (aprox 100 miles a day)

The car as specced works out at £17,825. I am paying £14,779 for the vehicle (ie. a discount of £3,046, I'm also getting a tank of fuel! In effect my to change price is just over £4k.

So all in all not a bad deal.

i have been to order a cooper s works from rydale cardiff today. delivery date is jan 05. may 05 is mad. it pay's to shop around. i couldn't wait that long.

Have you asked your dealer to check the manifest of cars coming into their dealership? Maybe it's different here in the US. I just wrecked my Cooper last week (Oct 20th to be exact). The insurance company is sending me a check next week to pay off my car, and then some. I have been shopping several dealers in the area for a Cooper S (gotta step it up to the S), and found a dealer who has an S coming in, very basic like I want. The dealers tend to load up the ones on the lot and charge a lot of money . . . plus the market adjustment. Some cars as high as $30k!! So this other dealer shows me the manifest: he has a Chili Red, White Top, Cloth interior, 16" v-spoke wheels coming in (actually arrived in the states on Oct 28th). Will be delivered to his dealership next week, so he's holding it for me. I have the paperwork here outlining the details of the car and the cost. $2,500 markup is all. Everything else MSRP. I scored! I'll be getting aftermarket wheels, exhaust and springs.

[email protected]
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i ordered my cooper s two weeks ago and getting delivery in Jan. i think 6-7 months seems a bit excessive! probably best to shop around as every dealer that i've rung up here in leeds is able to delivery in jan or feb...
asked around earlier in the week. cheers guys for suggestions
I ordered mine 2 weeks ago, and got a date of last week in March to arrive at dealer, collect early April, so I guess thats just how long they take :(
At least the worst of the weather should be over by then.
This waiting is hard though, it already seems like months!!

I ordered mine in the middle of August and the pick up date is the middle of April '05! 8 pigging months! Meantime my SLK 230 is losing money and starting to creak(how does your current car seem to know that it's not going to be around much longer?) I even started thinking about the new Astra HELP !
Ordered mine at the end of July for 1st March 2005. Didn't think i would need to order it that soon and if it wasn't for my dad going into the garage to ask, i would have missed it! Went to another garage afterwards to check and was told I wouldn't have been able to get an MCS til Q2 2005 so think these long lead times are quite normal. Not many garages have a huge allocation, hence the wait. Oh well, even though the waiting is tough, it just makes getting the car more exciting!
My waiting list was 6 months from Broadoak Canterbury, so this length doesn't seem unusual at all although the waiting list certinaly seems to vary a lot between dealers.

The main problem with a long waiting list for me has been changing my mind constantly on colour and spec every time I see an MCS drive past!!

Oh well, only got until the 14th Jan to wait now!
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