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Having a Mini Adventure!!
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Ok, after all the messing about, we finally got to collect my new Dubman today, she is Spice Orange and Black, nicknamed 'Rusty' by my hubby!

Was at Williams for 10am, and left there at 11am with biggest grin ever on my face!

We had decided after picking her up to head off up to the Yorkshire Dales to have some fun on the twisties, I needed to get used to handling her after saying goodbye to my faithful friend of 8 yrs and 107k miles, Bluebell, the 05 EB/B MC (she is off to a trader now, poor thing, hope someone loves her and has as much fun in her as I have!)

Waiting for us was 'Rusty'

Parked next to a cherished CR MC that was also being picked up!

The sun came out as we approached and went inside to do the handover!

Once the handover was done a quick trip to fuel up, and then off up to the Dales! Exremely impressed with her acceleration, once you hit the 'sweet spot' with your right foot she takes off, almost literally!

On the way up the the Dales on the M62 and M6 I put the cruise control on, first time I ever had car with it, all I can say is WOW! We were averaging high 60's on mpg at a steady 70mph!

We missed the turn off on the M6, so ended up coming off a junction late, which meant we had to take the twisty B backroad into the Dales, where I found out just how great the handling is and how quick she accelerates! At one point I realised I was doing 80+ on a B road, the driving position is different from my old Cooper, and it doesnt feel like you are at any sort of speed whatsoever!

The roadholding is AWESOME!! She can be thrown into a corner and grips like she is on rails, my old Cooper had great handling, but this is in another league altogether!

Inside is gorgeous, the piano black trim really shines, just a shame the full leather seats werent fitted, but hopefully that will be rectified by Tuesday or Wednesday this week!

My hubby especially like the armrest, which is supposed to hold my phone, but he thought made a much better chocolate stash hiding place!

Love the Connected app, specially the Driving Excitement, and if you set Mission Control on, she talks to you too!!

Starting the Driving Excitement app.....

.... next screen....

... set Sport mode.........

.......... and We're Off!!!

First scores

I did warn you this was pic heavy, didnt I?

In the sun, down a single track lane with lots of bumps and humps, I was amazed just how well she coped, gliding over the bumps and flowing over the humps!!

So a great day out, called in at the Wensleydale Creamery for some Cheese (well, you have to, its the law isnt it?), done 248 miles, averaged 47.8mpg, which considering there was some VERY spirited driving on the twisties is great. I know when Im trolling along on the motorway I should be able to get it much higher than that, but when driving for fun, mpg isnt that important really!

Hope you like the pics, will post some more when she comes back with the new leather seats fitted!


Preloved - Bluebell - 'O5 MC EB/B Chilli, HK, Full Leather Gravity, Chrono pack, chrome int, chrome ext, privacy glass, sunroof, bonnet stripes, 6 disc bootchanger, sports suspension plus, JCW Sound Kit.
Currently Enjoying - Rusty - '13 MINI SO/B Dooper Clubman, media, chilli, full (custom?) leather, PDC, privacy glass, sports suspension, HK, 4 seat option, bonnet stripes.

Having a Mini Adventure!!
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Hi Mid Life Mini,

Yes, the original spec was supposed to have full leather, which I verbally confirmed with the salesman 3 times whilst doing a deal, then when she arrived it only had half leather :(

The dealers wanted to get me sorted, with speccing up 4 seats it meant the MINI leather seats would have taken a few weeks to get hold of, so they agreed to get them proffessionally reupholstered for me, with plain black good quality leather. Ok, its not going to be original spec, but it will be a custom fit job, and hopefully will stop any 'sagging' problems that others have experienced with leather punch! :)

They have loaned me a MINI One Cabrio until my seats are done, which should be sometime this week, in the meantime I am driving round in the convertible, got 160 miles o drive home today, looking at the weather I think it may all be done topless! :)

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Oh dear, major fail on the dealers part with the order.

When I was looking for mine (used) I had decided on one with full leather, not Lounge Leather though, but changed my mind to go for one with a bit higher spec and a it newer (and a bit more money !!!!) but it was a wrench to give up on the leather seats, however I am glad I did as I have seen a few Mini's that aren't that old and the drivers seat looks like it has a black bin liner pulled over the seat.

Enjoy the Convertible, lovey weather for it, off out in mine later,roof down of course :)
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