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Meguiars hot shine tyre spray

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Just had new tarmacced drive done at home (like last week!!) and hubby sprayed his tyres with Meguiars Hot Shine Tyre Spray Monday night.

Its marked the new tarmac :aargh:

Has anyone else done this? Anyone know how to remove the marks? Tried hot soapy water and a brush, but am scared to try anything else for fear of wrecking the drive
If not I will have to write to them.

I'm seriously not a happy bunny tonight :angry::mad:
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Meguiars have a forum - you could try posting there:

Meguiar's Online
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I've had this happen marks left on the tarmac drive when I've used the MINI tyre shine, after a week or so of rain & sun it fades away with no damage.

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if it doesnt, try halfords driveway cleaner.
its in a big red tub.
and yes it is actualy called driveway cleaner lol.
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Power washer? Karcher with dirtblaster attatchment. They can be quite expensive so you may want to borrow one. Although I do think it will go after a good few days of rain, which in this crap country you wont have to wait long for. :D
I have done the same a few times!!
Best thing to do is nothing. In a few weeks time it will fade/wash away.
Washing powder in warm water can help clean tarmac drives (especially if you spill any oil), but the safest thing if its just tyre shine is to let it fade away.
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