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This is only to tell all of you,
to have an excellent christmas, excellent hollidays and that the next year will be full of mini adventures.

Also I want to send special thanks to the mini members that help me on my trip to London.
I think UK it´s a great country, the short time I was there, was a great time. Maybe in the short future I will make a long trip over there, this because the excellent impression I got from your people. I also was very fortune to met a mini2 UK member PINGU, when she went to the mini dealer at Park Lane to get her new mini. I guess she was getting her mini before she told me, because for her very big smile from ear to ear, something like this :D

So special thanks to:
Red Cooper

Have all of you mini2 memers think in maybe on early 2003 on making an INTERNATIONAL MINI2 MEETING. I think we all can have a great time.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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