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can i go home yet
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whatever happened to the monthly runs? Any chance of an early Dec one - now I know Arnold and Mr Pink cant come along any more but Shams, Maxim, ButtonIt any others up for it?

Edit: Maxim has offered to do the Cherwell route, MartinL knows the route starting at the hotel just up from Northolt (sorry dont remember name).

Edit2: We will now be doing the Cherwell Valley route which Maxim will be leading, there is a good chance that several SCNM members will also be joining us.

Start: 10am at Cherwell Valley Services, Jn 10 M40, run is 65-70 miles and will be followed by pub lunch at a suitable venue :). Please try to arrive early as we will be setting off close to start time to avoid to much sitting around in carparks to keep S of S&M happy

list so far

Rick - lunch
Holder - lunch +1
Intrepid - lunch
Maxim - lunch
Hickster - lunch
Nathy03 - lunch?
S&M featuring Superbee - lunch + M
Scooby212 - wonder why ;) ;) - lunch
Goonery - lunch + 1
Smiffy (possible) + lunch
Notts04ChilliMini - lunch?
Harpo - lunch?
Shamster :D MMM founder and all round wig wearer

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Just make sure you lot don't go buzzing up and down where I live :mad: :mad: :p

I guess I could ride shotgun with somebody and direct :rolleyes:

In exile, down SOUTH!
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scooperman_uk said:
if u go from cherwell valley services let me know. I will see if any of the SCNM are interested in joining MMM. quite a few us live on the further reaches of the SCNM..
Max would be interested in MMM runs I think - they are kind of too spirited for me, so it should be fine for him :rolleyes:

Kind of busy this side of Christmas though - got my own run to prepare!

DK :D :apple:
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