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2 weeks ago i bought from a autosales a mini one 2004 (january vin 160 000km ) , i tested good all the front gears, 1,2,3,4,5 and they works perfect and well, fast changement, no problem on syncros, no bearings noise.......

so...when i engage the reverse gear :( the car slap, the gear engage well, so i hear from the gear box a CLA CLA CLA CLA like a woodpecker bird in my gearbox, and when i increase the speed, the noise increase the speed , more fast, and a cltuch bad smell....

this JUST with reverse box, i tested the first 1th gear, and i dont hear any splap or claclacla sound, just the reverse....

i bring my car to who sell me the car, its a mechanic, he want to pull down the gearbox the next week , to find the problem.

He talks as who knows these gearbox units (midlands ) so i havent full trust in him,
parts or rover parts...sooo....who knows........

well,anyone can help me to undertnd waths the the problem on gearbox and if u ve to sell the parts to fix the gearbox (reverse gear?) ,

used unit here are expensve more than new (crazy italian marked full of after crisis bloodsuckers)

so i can found very cheap rover r65u and pegeout MA gearbox unit, i can use the parts inside those units to rebuild my gearbox?

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