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MIdlands Gearbox

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Hi All,
My son has recently passed his test and has a 2002 cooper. However, He broke down the other day and had his car recovered home. I fear it needs a new gearbox, I've had a quick look and he can only select 3rd or 4th, the gear stick will not move left or right. I've removed the airbox and battery box and can see the selector on the gearbox, but it will not move up or down. It has the Midlands gearbox, Replacing the gearbox is beyond my skills so will have to go to a garage for this job, just to get an idea of cost does anyone know roughly how long this job should take? I presume It would be best to get a reconditioned box to fit rather than just a used one? When he tried to drive it the clutch smoked like a good'un, I presume that is just because he was in third gear and slipping the clutch?
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I’d get a reconditioned box, with a warranty if you can.

Our Midlands boxes have a couple of known weaknesses, the differentials can break up, and wreck the case. I think this starts with the bearings going bad.

Input shafts seem to be an issue too. No more new ones are available.

I need a new input shaft for mine. Got quoted $2875 for a remanufactured one through a dealer, not counting the $1400 core charge... OUCH. Looks like the old one goes back in, chipped gear teeth and all.

These Midlands boxes seem to be based off a Rover R65 design, from what I’m turning up. Could this same input shaft be used in other Rover gearboxes?
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