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Would you actually lose your warranty? Only your exhaust warranty wil be affected as its not a official Mini part but the Milltek exhaust or any other aftermarket exhaust, will have a warranty anyway !
But isnt the exhaust like brakepads , it will eventually need replacing ? And isnt it just like taking your Mini to Kwik Fit and have one of their exhaust fitted there ? Bit of a grey area i think
I have a full Milltek on my car and i love it and it has been in the garage for a couple of warranty repairs (power sterring pump failed and replaced , windscreen replaced , ABS sensor failed and replaced) and i always know when its being brought out of the workshop cos i can hear the driver revving it so they must know about it.
I think it has made my car breath alot better and it is noticable , also sounds really good tooo
(my car is not standard by the way 0 to 60mph 6.1secs 152mph top speed !!!)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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