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wibbly said:
My dealer is pretty cool re mods so am ok re warranty I think :eek:

Just interested in feedback regarding all other stuff really like increased noise, any extra oomph ( :) ), throttle response etc, etc.......

At the end of the day I've got a JCW which is pretty rapid... so its a toss up between sepnding the dough on that which is quite a lot or on a couple of other bits and pieces....:confused:


I have done tons of mods on my JCW S, I think Milltek is one of the biggest performane gainer among them. It will worth every penny you throw on the car. A little bit extra noise which I enjoyed so much. In fact, I think that's the music the JCW S should have :p JCG has also their own header, it should also have good result of freeing up restricted flow. the only prob is how much compare to Milltek?
Rgd to better throttle response, not much, unless you put OEM straight mid pipe instead of JCW's, plus 62/63mm throttle body, light weight flywheel, then you will have huge feeling of quicker throttle response.
In addition, more powerful breaking system is a must for bhp gains, the OEM break is one weakeast link of balanced performane, my 2 cents.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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