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I love my MINI
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already at dealers....


2005 Minis are already in Mexico,

Those are the ones that they have at sale now.

You can easily recognize a 05 model,
just take a look at the Xenons, the back lights
and the chrome inserts in the bonet
("la parrilla")

Waiting list is almost null,

Where are you?,
Getting a MINI in Mexico City is really fast, they have
like 200 minis on stock.

In other cities the stock is smaller, my dealer
says they will get several by christmas time.

If you are getting one, make your mind quick.
Dollar is $11.27, It havent been so down since february.
Euro is getting more expensive, maybe prices will increase by

MINI prices are in US dollars in Mexico.



PS.- If you want some help and info, PM me.

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Some dealerships have been known to hide 2005 models in the back till they clear pre 2005 inventory. (like the mini dealership in Monterrey)

If they tell you they don't have it, just go to another mini dealership and have it shipped to your location.

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i didnt know cause im living in london right now , but im getting back in january , the next day of my return im going to order one black MCS, thx for the info ..
btw how much in pesos right now its a mcs hot chilli ?
i live in Mexico City
cheerz :blblack:
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