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MINI Announces Prices, Features for Entire 2018 Lineup

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<span lang="EN-US">All 2018 MINI models are getting an update including a standard rearview camera and Rear Park Distance Control.

Now that rearview camera and rear PDC are standard, MINI says the Technology Package will now include Front and Rear PDC with Parallel Parking Assistant, which was previously a $500 additional upgrade.</span>

<span lang="EN-US">Read more about the MINI 2018 Lineup at</span>
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What the new 'Maxis' (only older UK members will understand this)? BMWs with different bodies and a Mini badge? How totally underwhelming.
I actually quite like the Maxi in the foty but whether I'd ever own one is debatable
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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