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Mini articles and S drive will be in May Roundel..

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Gentlemen, Phil Marx, Managing Editor of the Roundel, told me that two Mini articles will appear in the upcoming May issue of the "Roundel". Mike Self attended the Mini launch in California for BMWCCA and Jeremy Walton got an early test drive in the Mini Cooper S in Europe.

At least we Yanks finally got a car that they have (or will have in Europe). Traditionally, we never get the good ones (well except for the Z06, Saleen, etc.)

Cheers, jz
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I love reading when other publications publish S and Cooper reviews, if only because we got in there so early! :)

It's funny to me being from the UK as I realise more and more just how lacking you are in the USA for Japanese and European (fast/fun) cars.

Ah well, the MINI's fantastic, so at least you won't miss out on that one.

Now all the rest of America has to do is go out and buy the MINI and maybe other small cars will finally make their way over to you!
yes, Paul, us over on the other side of the pond are deprived of some enthusiasts' cars. We'll trade you a bundle of SUVs and MINIvans (hey, at least it's got the word 'MINI' in it) for some of those hot hatches and limited models (have in mind the Audi RS line cars, there are others... :rolleyes:)

back to subject, I am looking forward to the Roundel article. Paul, do you recall any American automotive press over in Portugal for the test drives? I am keeping my eye out for Cooper S write-ups at the newstands but no luck so far
I don't think there were any US press with our group, but some were going over.
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