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yep much the same as tim said, 2 years ago it was cute.. these days its just an anoyance..if i see someone lookin i tend to look the other way get in my car and drive off asap.. sure its being a bit of a snob.. and thats not really me at all.. but its just really anoying the conversations are always exactly the same... i've been too nice to too many boobs over the years and wasted too much time on idiots withpointless conversations "is the engine in the boot?" "man u should turbo it" "how does it go" "how much did that cost" closely followed by a comment of disaproval....its really tired..

i dont mean to be a killjoy or a grumble bum.. but they're not new, they've been around for years.. i'd like to be rude person at heart and be able to answer the questions the way i'd like to... I dont really care if u owned a classic mini, i still own one of both.. yes its expensive for a little car, no i dont care.. no my mum didnt pay for it.. yes it'll beat your POS.. but meh i just cant do it.. just attempt to end the conversation as quickly as possible and be on my way.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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