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Mini Clubman 08 Key Fob - button microswitches broken (Repair Needed)

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Happy New Year,

They key fob for my mini has 2 broken microswitches for the lock and unlock button.

Mini say they can only replaced the full key for £200-300.

Is there any other options to repair this please.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Attempt to take it apart and have a soldering gun(if not to replace a battery which if the one in it is good I would not attempt!) around; this program can at the very least give you insight on whats inside of the key fob. perhaps the plastic tab behind the button is bend or broken melt a new piece of plastic with the solder gun

below link are good and uk business
those keys are sealed for life common repair is they cut them open on in line make repair fit new battery and you must ask for new battery they tend to last 10 years so always ask for that,, they then glue them or bond them back together cant hardly tell been done
If you're close to Sheffield, I could help.

Thanks guys, I tried repairing myself but on the copper tracks of one micro switch it has come away from the main board
If you're close to Sheffield, I could help.

Im in Blackburn
The unlock button on my spare doesn't work so I'm going to have a bash myself (I'm fairly handy with the soldering iron). For BMW MINI Cooper S One Clubman Countryman 3 Button Remote Key Fob Repair Kit | eBay
Had a go at fixing it, but still no joy. So I've sent it off to the company recommended by Mike above.
Just got my key back from The Master Locksmith - wow what an amazing service, key works perfectly and only cost £22!! (Shame I wasted £15 on the first failed attempt at fixing myself!)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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